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North American Pudelpointer Alliance

            The North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA) is a group of sincere Pudelpointer Breeders aligning themselves with a common goal of producing the highest performing Pudelpointers in North America. To accomplish this goal it starts with requiring a minimum performance standard with the intent to protect and improve the quality and performance of the Pudelpointer as a superior Versatile Hunting Dog. Having a constant drive to raise the performance standards of our breeding programs will continue to raise the bar that all Pudelpointers are measured by.

                       Our philosophy and commitment to excellence has generated considerable attention and growth since its beginning in July 2006. Today, with over 30 breeders, NAPPA is the largest cooperative effort among Pudelpointer breeders in North America, representing several hundred Utility Prized dogs of breeding age. We have the highest standard for performance testing of any other North American Pudelpointer organization. We collectively have the most active breeding females with Utility Titles than any other Pudelpointer organization. The synergy created has allowed NAPPA Breeders to share considerable data on their dogs to include field testing, hip evaluations, size, color, coat and in some cases DNA. Implementing a Statistical Committee to compile and analyze an extensive database of various progeny statistics and other performance data has created information that has never been available to breeders before. This data is available to all NAPPA breeders to help make sound breeding decisions to raise the bar in their breeding program. 


             We also utilize a software called Breedmate for calculating various algorithms when selecting potential mating's. Why cooperate and share so much data? Simple, a cooperative effort of this size must have a central data point. This allows breeders to analyze and select a potential stud dog, potential future breeding stock, and calculate inbreeding coefficient on a proposed breeding from almost all qualified dogs anywhere in North America. With the capability to project breeding quality in proposed litters many generations ahead, giving NAPPA Breeders a distinct advantage over the individual breeder that may be breeding from a limited scope of dogs.


         The past 5 years NAPPA has seen over 700 Pudelpointers tested in NAVHDA's Natural Ability test with an average score of 106 for these 700 performers (112 is the highest possible score achievable).  Pudelpointers tested during this same 5 year period by Non Alliance members had an average of 100 points.  This data expresses the need for a Performance Breeding Standard for achieving excellence. The data pertaining to Utility tested dogs and their averages are nothing short of astonishing. The importance of having this data collected helps us to measure our progress on meeting our goals as being the premiere Pudelpointer Breeders in North America. 


          In 2020 the founding members of NAPPA decided it was time to officially assemble a Board of Directors and establish NAPPA as an official organization. The founding members saw the need to pass the organization to the next generation of Pudelpointer Breeders to properly steward the breed into the future. Utilizing a Board of Directors, geographically dispersed across North America, helps keep the organization functioning in the individual breeder's best interest; avoiding the dictatorial approach that has plagued so many dog organizations in the past.  This seven person board lends expertise to their group offering strengths from many of the various hunting dog backgrounds. Having a Seven person Board also eliminates a tie when it comes to board voting issues.


          In NAPPA we require members to actively hunt with their breeding stock and also be involved in the testing of their Breeding stock. There are those who don't hunt with their dogs and have never handled a dog in a NAVHDA test.               We feel it is a no-brainer that a committed breeder should be willing to give a prospective buyer input as to how the dog performs as it pertains to hunting and also be knowledgeable in the testing system to be able to guide and help future puppy buyers with the training and testing of the puppies. That is why NAPPA makes it a requirement for all breeders to have handled and prized a dog in a NAVHDA test and furthermore, all new prospective members must have handled and passed a dog in Utility to become a member of NAPPA. 


         We hope as a prospective puppy buyer that you do your homework as you search for a breeder for your next hunting companion. You will see why NAPPA remains the top choice for the highest performing Pudelpointer. 



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