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                The North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA) has the highest standards for Breeders and their breeding stock than any other Pudelpointer Breeder Organization in North America. We Require a certain level of involvement in the process of proving your Breeding Stock and also a minimum performance standard for any prospective dog being entered into a breeding program. We expect all breeders to regularly and diligently hunt with their dogs and also participate in the qualifying of ones breeding stock to be able to properly evaluate a prospective dog being added into their breeding program.

               Various breed clubs in North America have limited genetic diversity and require out-crossing to other breeds to maintain their genetic strength and vigor.  NAPPA Breeders never out-breed to another breed such as a Pointer as NAPPA utilizes the genetic diversity already found in North America and Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, or Austria); thus avoiding out-crosses to another breed to achieve the preferred desired performance and coat results. NAPPA which is not a breed club, but a breeder's alliance, requires a NAVHDA Utility Prize Title for all Males and a minimum score of 105 points in a NAVHDA  Natural Ability test for females of the breed to qualify for breeding.  Many NAPPA breeders exceed this minimum by requiring a Utility Title for their females. 

             While some breed  clubs may use their own breed registry and testing system, NAPPA breeders use the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) testing system. The American Field registry is also used by some NAPPA breeders for use in

National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) field trials. Breeders also register with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and run their dogs in Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) hunt tests 

The NAVHDA testing system successfully removes any breeder bias by using an independent three judge system to evaluate and score tested dogs.



MALES: Must earn a Minimum of 175 Points and Prize in a NAVHDA Utility Test.

(All males qualified before 10/25/2020 are grandfathered in to the previous requirements)

FEMALES: Must Score a minimum of 105 points and Prize in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test or Prize in a UPT or UT Test.

  • Certified to be free of Hip Dysplasia.

  • Free from any form of temperament disorders such as being judged shy, sensitive or aggressive on any test record.

  • Free of any known genetic defects.

  • Comply with a breed standard and disqualifications from a reputable Pudelpointer breed club.


  • In order to be considered for a membership in the Alliance, you must have handled a dog you own in a NAVHDA Sanctioned Utility Test and received a Prize.

  • You must be an avid hunter and regularly hunt with your dogs.

  • You must be committed to a Breeding Plan that extends beyond one litter.

  (The Alliance is for those pursuing a breeding program).

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