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Windy Sage High Roller
UT: 204 Prize 1
NA: 112 Prize 1
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Sarah Bullock
Location: Shafter, CA
Contact: (270)724-2185

As an amateur handler and Rikko being my first pointing breed I’ve trained and handled, I have been ever amazed at his biddability, natural talent, and typical clown-like pudelpointer personality. He just wants to work and wants to please. Since bringing Rikko home, I have been consistently awed by his smarts (see gears turning), his tenaciousness in the field and equally in the water, and his willingness to work as a team to pursue multiple wild bird species across the states (seven so far and two more this fall).  I have also been extremely impressed with Rikko’s cool, calm, and collected nature that garners many compliments at training days and the duck blind; however, when released into a field or water, he becomes a proficient bird finding machine that doesn’t know the word “quit”. This complete package has made developing Rikko into a first-class wild bird gundog possible for a rookie, like me.  This has also been further shown in our teamwork to achieve max scores in both Natural Ability (112 P1), and Utility (204 P1; 1st try). I look forward to many more seasons of upland and marshland adventures with this goofy pup!

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