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Flatlander’s Chicago Bandit
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UT: 200 Prize 2
NA: 108 Prize 2
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Eric Borkoski
Location:  Zimmerman, MN
Contact: (651)387-5905

Flatlander’s Chicago Bandit (SYD) is the result of a breeding between
Ripsnorter’s Fast Cash and Cedarwood’s Marli’s Mystique.
In 2018 my then 11 year old daughter and I made the drive Gibson City Illinois to hunt Cash and Marli to see if we thought we would like a pup out of those two, and I’m glad we did!
Syd is 62 pounds with a medium dense, medium harsh coat.
Let’s talk “versatile”, whether it’s in a Dakota prairie going after sharptail and prairie chicken, the grouse
woods of Northern Wisconsin, busting heavy cover for late season ringnecks in Southern Minnesota and
Iowa or breaking ice to retrieve a giant Canada goose, Syd is one of the hardest working, most athletic
dogs I think you will find and loves every minute of it!
Syd is a very trainable dog who loves his job, once he learns something it sticks and he is very eager to
learn what’s next. When training for his UT test he was just as intense on the last bird as he was on the
Around the house Syd is definition of “man’s best friend”. He loves to be with his people and is a very
kind guy who hasn’t found a set of feet he doesn’t want to sit on or a leg he thinks should lean against.
Syd is very easy going with all other dogs male or female and when we have had litters of pups he is the
best babysitter.
With his drive, desire, attitude, work ethic, personality, and pedigree we are very excited to see what he
will produce.

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