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Flatlander’s B Chasin’ the Sky
Flatlander’s B Chasin’ the Sky.png
UT: 202 Prize 1
NA: 94 Prize 3
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Andrew Fabbrini
Location:  Sommerset, WI
Contact: (651) 734-3689

Chase is a beautiful male with an excellent medium dense, harsh coat.  He is strong, intense and driven in the field.  He absolutely thrives in water as well.  He is a medium ranging dog that spends his hunting season in the Midwest hunting Waterfowl, Grouse, Huns and Pheasant.  Chase earned a perfect UT duck search in difficult test conditions.  Chase never tires of training and learning.  If he’s learning or working on something he’s happy.  Chase is also a spoiled house dog and a wonderful pet.  Chase has many excellent characteristics.  A couple of his best are his strong drive, his intent/ability to learn new skills, and his cooperation in the field.  Chase has a strong point and very persistent to nail down tricky moving or dug-in birds.  Chase always hunts for his hunter and not for himself.  Chase scored a 202 on his first UT test with his owner – a first time NA/UT test handler.  Chase has excellent temperament and spends his time at home with a small Aussie he loves to play with.  Chase has never been aggressive with other dogs in the field.

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