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                 Romo came to Cedarwood Kennels from Florida along with 5 of his littermates at about 14 weeks old.  Romo's breeder was having little luck selling his pups and asked if I could assist.  My reply was I needed the pups here in Idaho as I couldn't imagine attempting to sell versatile hunting dogs in Florida....Do people in Florida hunt upland birds and waterfowl was my concern.  The breeder drove across country with his pups hoping I could find new homes for the litter.  My stipulation was that my 7 year old grandson wanted his own dog and it was going to cost him a puppy for my services.  At the puppy's arrival to Idaho, Grandson Hunter came to our backyard, threw a tennis ball into our swimming pool and announced he wanted that one...the one that leaped in after the ball.  So Romo was picked very scientifically.  As a diehard Dallas Cowboy fan, one can only guess where Hunter came up with Romo's call name ??

                At eight years old, Hunter ran Romo in a NAVHDA natural ability test earning a 108 PRZ 2 .  I dropped Hunter and Romo off at the test and told him I had some important errands to run and would return after lunch.  I took my chair, coffee thermos, and binoculars and watched the test from across the pond un- be- known to Hunter.  Steve Kane was senior judge that day and Hunter still talks about his day with "Big Steve".  When I picked Hunter up after the test he had no idea of Romo's score; all he could talk about was the pizza they had at lunch.  The following year Hunter and I trained for utility together and just as the previous test, Big Steve was the senior judge; here again from Ohio.  We ran Romo as a team with Hunter witnessing every move of that dog as Romo earned a perfect 204 and a PRZ 1.

                Our family has a different twist on Easter as we put plastic eggs with 5 dollar bills in them about on my 40 acre hunting property.  There is a bird launcher with a pigeon inside at each group of eggs.  The only way to find these egg clusters is with a pointing dog, and Romo has now taken over Tukr's past job.  Romo is the most honest dog I have ever owned so allowing my grandsons to shoot the pigeons when launched adds an increased level of enthusiasm.  Still steady to wing, shot, and fall echo's his past performance earning that 204 in utility.

                Romo has spent his entire life sleeping inside my son Bryce's home and usually sharing Hunter's bed.  This is unquestionably the most human affectionate dog I have ever seen and maybe the most athletic....he can still clear a 6 ft high fence in that earnest chase of a tree squirrel.

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Hidden Acres Atlas
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UT: 204 Prize 1
NA: 108 Prize 2
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Bob Farris
Location: Boise, Idaho
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