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Killbucks Private Reserve of Little Egypt 
Winston 4.jpg
UT: 201 Prize 1
NA: 110 Prize 1
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Frank Schmidt
Location:  Weiser, Idaho
Contact: (605)517-0364
Progeny Report

Bill Athens has been a friend and resource for Cedarwood Kennels for over 25 years.  I cherish his friendship and his advice is always to be recognized as most favorable.  When he phoned me and advised purchasing a pup from a breeding he had orchestrated there was no second thinking.  I purchased Winstn totally on Bill's advice and I am thanking him regularly for this great recommendation.  

                Not ready to house another male Pudelpointer that would be following Tukr, I opted to have our Cedarwood trainer, Frank Schmidt, house the pup.  I registered Winstn in Frank's name as I wanted Frank to enter into the Pudelpointer breeding circle with a stellar prospect as a stud dog.  My arrangement allowed me to breed any of my females to Winstn but all outside breedings were Frank's game.

                Much to my surprise I was giving one of the most trainable males away.  The style Winstn performs with is well above the NAVHDA Utility PRZ 1 bar of excellence; he adds a special performance achievement  in everything he does.  Winstn will for sure make a serious mark of excellence as a stud dog as he will only be bred to the they say "breed the best to the best".   As of this writing the dog is barely over two years old; he earned his NAVHDA Utility PRZ 1 while still Natural Ability age demonstrating how fast he matured and advanced.

                The mark of the top stud dogs is being able of repeating a top shelf performance years after their training with little or no refreshing.  Winston is going to be one of the dogs that will be capable of another PRZ 1 performance when 10 years old with no refresher training necessary.

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