This is the list of the top performing females currently being bred by breeders in the North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA). This list represents the level of performance we aim for. (Click on the dog's name to see more)
 (Minimum 190 points and Prize 2 in Utility to Qualify for this list)
VC Rock Creek Violet
   (NA 112, pz 1) ( UT 204, pz 1) ( IT 197, Pass)
VC Surrey Bird Azul
   (NA 101, pz 2) ( UT 204, pz 1) ( IT 200, Pass)
 Cedarwoods PipR Texas
   (NA 110, pz 1) ( UT 195, pz 1)

                N.A.P.P.A. does not assume any legal responsibility for any individual kennels business or breeding practices. This organization only exists to bring breeders together as a network and a common performance goal. It is the puppy buyers responsibility to do the necessary research before buying a puppy from any kennel.

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