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Ripsnorters Shoot and Miss
UT: 204 Prize 1
NA: 99 Prize 2
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: Darryl Pernat
Location: Snohomish, Washington
Contact: (206)406-2262

                    Noonan is a stunning black pudelpointer, with an incredible medium dense, harsh coat.  He has an off engine in the house, yet is an intense dog in the field and water. He is a medium ranging dog that hunts hard all day on chukar, pheasants, huns and quail. In the water, he is very intense and will search for downed game until it is found, even in the coldest of waters. He has been a natural backer since 8 months of age, and steady to wing, shot and fall prior to being a year old.  Noonan has a lot of excellent attributes, but his greatest attributes are his cooperation, biddability, and desire to please. Noonan is just easy – easy to have in the home and easy to train.  He passed the NAVHDA UT test with a maximum score of 204 on his first attempt and AKC master hunt tests all at 24 months of age.   Noonan has an excellent temperament and has a fun-loving personality.  He gets along with all people and does not have any aggressive behaviors towards other dogs, male or female.  He is just a likable, lovable dog that is a pleasure to own and hunt behind.

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