NAPPA decided that an exhaustive in depth study of data pertaining to the Pudelpointer would make some excellent statistical resources for our breeders. Providing a single source for statistical data to help Breeders make informed decisions in their breeding program will not only help the breed as a whole but also help individual breeders gain traction as they try to reach their goals.

Stud Dog Statistics

Statistical Analysis of every stud dog in North America.

Health Statistics

Data related to health for the breed as a whole.

Dam Statistics

Statistical Analysis of every Dam in North America

Kennel Statistics

Performance Data for every kennel in North America


                N.A.P.P.A. does not assume any legal responsibility for any individual kennels business or breeding practices. This organization only exists to bring breeders together as a network and a common performance goal. It is the puppy buyers responsibility to do the necessary research before buying a puppy from any kennel.

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