NAPPA is a group of Breeders that are committed to breeding a top performing hunting companion for the discerning hunter. We accomplish this by selecting breeding stock that performs at a certain level of testing using the NAVHDA Testing System. Having this as our backbone ensures we continue to provide a Hunting Companion that will meet or exceed the general public's hunting performance expectations. 


                 As a Breeders Alliance, we wanted to have a group that is united, because together we are more effective and can align ourselves with other like-minded breeders that share our same vision and goals.

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                N.A.P.P.A. does not assume any legal responsibility for any individual kennels business or breeding practices. This organization only exists to bring breeders together as a network and a common performance goal. It is the puppy buyers responsibility to do the necessary research before buying a puppy from any kennel.

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