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                  The North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA) utilizes the premier version of Breedmate software called Pedigree Explorer. With over 2500 Pudelpointers entered into this software we can trace some dog's heritage back to late 1800's. Pedigree Explorer allows the entry of more than 20 different fields of data per dog and will calculate Wrights Coefficient of Relationship and Inbreeding Coefficients to 25 Generations. When a breeding is being planned by a NAPPA breeder all the data on available dogs is at their disposal. No information is withheld. All Discussions between NAPPA breeders on a prospective breeding focuses on the breeders specific goals.

                 Line Breeding has the ability to lock in specific traits of individual dogs in their offspring by having a desired dog show up as many times in a pedigree as possible without getting too excessive on the COI range. This is where the art of breeding dogs comes in. Making a specific line that your kennel is known for is carefully planned, it does not happen by just matching two good dogs up over and over again, it is all about trying to breed dogs that consistently produce offspring that are true to type (your kennels type). Out-crossing is needed from time to time in a kennel that is trying to establish their own line of dogs. When Line breeding you eventually find yourself in a spot that your COI just cant get low enough and you start to see the slide start to happen. This is when you need to "nick" your line with an Out-cross to revive and bring vigor back into your dogs. You can then resume breeding back into your kennel to continue on.

                 Purely Out-crossing between lines has the ability to add diversity, genetic strength and the potential to produce outstanding individual dogs but falls short in making any consistency or any long term traction or trajectory in a breeding program. 

                 When NAPPA Breeders discuss their goals, it is not uncommon for the discussion to reach past the present breeding but where this breeding may take us in two or more generations. A kennel that wants to get somewhere will plan up to 5 Breeding's ahead. Pedigree Explorer allows NAPPA Breeders to forecast out for several generations. A goal shared by all NAPPA Breeders is to ensure that the Pudelpointer remains one of the top performing Versatile Breeds in the World for generations to come.

                    Down below is an actual breeding that shows a prime example of a Line Breeding on Cedarwoods First Offense. Notice How he is at 40% COR while maintaining a low COI of 9% in the breeding? That is what you are targeting. The way genetic influence generally works is that the offspring will only be noticeably influenced by the Ancestors in the first 3 Generations. The ones after that play very little in actual noticeable inheritance. This is of course when a breeding has no related Ancestors anywhere in the pedigree. 

               The target then is to have the desired dog  your wanting to carry on for genetic influence be as many times in the 10 generation pedigree as possible and have the COR be at least the same as the grandparents in the breeding or higher. Doing this makes sure that the desired influence stays relevant in your lines.

                To keep the COI low while doing this, its important to have the desired dog be no closer than the grandparents of the current breeding and the desired dog be in the past 10 generations as many times as possible but each time its in the pedigree it was bred to a different mate thus eliminating driving your COI too high by unnecessarily doubling up dogs in the process.

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