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Cedarwood's Cowboy Oakley
Photo by Martha Walker-Cedarwood's Cowbo
UT: 192 Prize 1
NAVHDA Performance
Owner: A.J. Seibert
Location: West Texas
Contact: (806) 333-5119

Case is truly the total package. In the uplands he will range out as far as needed, yet he is honest enough to hold point till you get there. He adjusts his range well to the cover, so in thick cover he will temper his range and in the open plains he will range out and show exceptional ground coverage on all day hunts. He has an excellent nose and points his game a distance. He is just as dynamic in the water as he is on land. He has an aggressive water entry, launching into the water every time sent. He will clear well over 10 feet upon leaping into the water when
sent for a retrieve, demonstrating enthusiasm and total confidence around water. Case is owned by A.J. Seibert in West Texas, where Case lives as a full-time house dog. Despite his high drive as a hunting dog, Case is able to turn off his big motor to be found quietly laying around when not working. Very few people hunt more than A.J. Seibert who lives in the heart of pheasant and bobwhite quail country. Case spent his first 4-5 years as A.J.’s personal hunting dog proving himself on wild birds/waterfowl. Upon showcasing his exceptional abilities as a
wild bird dog, it was decided that Case should be NAVHDA Utility tested in order to offer his genetics through breeding. Cross Timber Gundogs had the honor of training Case for his Utility test. He was tested at the Heartland NAVHDA Chapter in Nebraska where he earned a Utility Prize I on his first attempt. Case’s pedigree is loaded with Utility Prize I performers. In fact, both his sire and dam were each tested by y0ung children
when they themselves earned a UT Prize I at their own NAVHDA Utility Tests. This demonstrates a high degree of cooperation, which Case certainly inherited from them.

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