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Blackhawks Grizzly
UT: 202 Prize 1
NA: 106 Prize 1
NAVHDA Performance
Location: DAVENPORT, IA 52803-2362

     Blackhawks Grizzly is a result of a breeding between I-80’s Deuces Wild and our female Paladins Allison Rox.  Knowing how his mother “Alli” hunts I had a good feeling Grizzly was going to be "something special" and I was correct.  

     Grizzly has a brown medium dense coat with good furnishings.  He and his mother are 64lbs and with stamina for days.  During the hunting season, Grizzly spends no less than 4 days a week hunting upland, waterfowl from a boat or field blind.   I would consider Grizzly to be a medium ranging field dog who loves our Iowa waters no matter how cold.  He has a drive that is relentless when it comes to searching  downed game but a steadiness to hold until released.

       Grizzly’s demeanor is one that does not require much pressure training for hunting or obedience. He retains what's learned no matter how long it’s been with little to no refreshing needed.  He has always wanted to please which made it easier teaching force fetching,  verbal commands as well as hand signals.  We have always believed in keeping our dogs in the house with us, exposing them to social interactions with other dogs as well as people.  Because of this,  having a good (off switch) is another trait we enjoy with both Alli and Grizzly.  I’m excited to see Grizzly’s offspring and have no doubt his bloodline will continue to produce "something special".   

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